What is it ?

Kemistatic is a new two component polyurethane resin application with a low pressure technology and an electrostatic spraying system

Kemistatic-What is it ?



A catalog of PU resins
with high performances

Strong adhesion
Non flammable
Compatible with food applications

What are the
main benefits ?

It is a solution :
Eco-friendly :
- Solvent free, Bisphenol A free
- No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), no air pollution




Easy to use:
- Applied on cold substrate
- Fast drying time / Cold curing
- Mobile, compact equipment
- Applied in one single coat, evenly spread

No limit in size / design :
- Any dimension size
- Application on even the most complex shapes

High performances :
- Thickness control (from 30µm to a few mm)
- No pinholes whatever the coating thickness
- Overall coating process time reduced by up to 3 times

User friendly :
- Easy to use technology
- No exposure to toxic vapors.

Sectors of use


Co-funded by the European Union (program Horizon 2020 - H2020)

The EU has granted fundings to KEMISTATIC laureate of the Horizon 2020 (H2020) program.
H2020 is a EU program financing projects that meet 3 priorities :
Excellent science
Industrial leadership
Societal challenges

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°801806.

come from ?

Kemistatic is :

The strong belief that an inovative technical solution exist
The persistence of few passionates
15 years of formulas and process continuous development
6 prototypes construction
More than 150 tests performed
A continuous research of technical improvements and financings.

This sum of experience is the force of Kemistatic in the way to reach the best industrial standards

Some examples of applications :

External woodworks

There are many wood agressive sources into the environment : fungal infection, insects, UV, humidity, temperature variations, …

Kemistatic will allow the use of our resins to protect external woodworks : doors, windows, terrace, cladding, …

We want to offer to external wookworks a full protection thanks to the high technical performances of our resins : durability, strong adhesion, waterproofness. As soon as we will be ready, we will launch the necessary validations with the FCBA (French technological institute for Forest Cellulose Wood construction Furnishings).

Potable water pipe system protection

Our resins have been qualified to be used in contact with potable water.

We can offer not only an anti-corrosion and a waterproof protection but also without Bisphenol A or solvent. Our protection is perfectly fit for applications in contact with potable water.

Kemistatic brings the easiness of application.

In can be used for every item composing a potable water pipe system :
pumps, valves, pipes.

With Kemistatic, we can garantee a healthy protection of our potable water distribution network.

An effective protection to steel substrates

An anti-corrosion protection is mandatory for parts made of steel in order to garantee a long lifetime.

A solution combining the strength of both Kemistatic and our resins promises high performances !

Strong adhesion
Strong anti-corrosion protection
Easiness of application
Thickness control
Energy saver
Environment friendly
Lots of finishes available

With Kemistatic, a real alternative to existing solutions such as the galvanization will come true !

If you are looking for more information, feel free to contact us :
Yannick PIALAT
Industrial project manager