Possible applications

The sources of aggression of wood in its environment are numerous : fungi, insects, UV, humidity, temperature variations, etc.

With KEMISTATIC, wood will thus be fully protected thanks to the excellent technical properties of our resins.


Protection du bois

Corrosion protection of steel

It is imperative to ensure corrosion protection of steel parts to guarantee a long lifespan.

KEMISTATIC offers a real alternative to existing solutions such as galvanization.

Protection anti-corrosion

Internal protection of drinking water networks

Our  certified with a Certificate of Health Compliance are used in direct contact with drinking water, thus protecting all identifiable elements in all drinking water networks.

ACS eau potable

Asbestos treatment by encapsulation

Asbestos is a delicate material to treat because of its volatility and the health impact it represents.

Thus KEMISTATIC will offer both :

  • ncapsulation of asbestos allowing the fibers to freeze on the support which will thus be protected from subsequent wear
  • encapsulation of the fibers by direct application to the asbestos flockings, which are particularly volatile.


Encapsulage de l'amiante

Rehabilitation of small diameter pipes

The projection of the resin in the context of the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes is difficult.

With KEMISTATIC, the equipment developed will allow the rehabilitation of pipes with a diameter ranging from 5 to 150 cm over lengths of 25 to 30m.


Réhabilitation canalisations

Protection of benches

First of all, the quality of a bench depends on the quality of the surface condition of the concrete.

KEMISTATIC presents the application of a layer of resin to the surface of a mold with the following results :

  • smooth concrete surface
  • Facilitate form stripping and avoid the use of form stripping oils
  • Protect the form against corrosion
  • Reuse the mold a large number of times.


Coffrage béton

Applications in the maritime field

"Fouling" is the spontaneous colonization of a submerged support by organisms that come to settle there (boat hulls, platforms, pipes, etc.)

As part of KEMISTATIC, we have developed ClearSea, a respectful anti-fouling system of the environment based on :

  • The application of a solvent-free anti-corrosion protective resin
  • The projection of fibers by electrostatism.


The tidal zones are particularly exposed to corrosion problems due to the immersion-emersion cycles actively combining with sea salts.


Zones de marnage