A story of heart and innovation

It all started in 1977 with the creation of a company by René MASSARD, Mining Engineer and Master of Science Chemical Engineering Berkeley Univ.
Chemist, inventor, pioneer, he combines all the talents to create and develop resins ever more noble and powerful. Objective : introducing new resins originally designed for the coating of icebreaker hulls. But very quickly, René MASSARD is looking for more sophisticated formulas for other applications such as waterproofing floors, terraces and balconies, or nuclear power with COGEMA in La Hague.

An international presence

1990. Creation of another company to subcontract Gennevilliers’ formulated resins and propose the installation of resins on site.
At the same time, René MASSARD affirms his presence in export markets, particularly in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

An international presence

A strong commitment to sustainable development

2002. Installation in MIGNIERES in Eure-et-Loir, with continued research and development of environmentally friendly formulas and construction of a resins manufacturing unit on site.

2009. Creation of KEMICA COATINGS, resins manufacturing company for the Building and Industry.

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2017. Extension of buildings on the site with construction of offices and a workshop of mechanics.
– Winner of the European SME SME H2020 for his project, KEMISTATIC, which proposes a new electrostatic projection process of bi-component resins without VOC, ecological and integrating significant energy savings.

KEMICA COATINGS is today a company with 10 employees 100% French with a C.A. 60% export.
The team includes a Manufacturing unit, a Research and Development department equipped with a research laboratory, a department dedicated to the KEMISTATIC project (electrostatic resin application process), as well as a sales structure and an administrative department.

2018. Beginning of the commercial structuring with the arrival of technico-commercials, first of all on the Rhône-Alpes and Sud-Ouest region.

2019. Creation of a real commercial structuring with the establishment of a sales department in France

KEMICA COATINGS is also a team


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